Outstanding Qualified

Appointment Setting

The leaders in qualified appointment setting. 

Salesfix is the trusted partner for many truly amazing companies. Our partners love that were able to generate quality pre qualified appointments consistently on their behalf. 

Consistent convertable appointments are the key to generating business. We understand how important every appointment is for your business and pride ourselves on being both quality & consistent.


We understand the relentless challenge and we understand that for our clients to maintain competitive advantage we need to continually evolve and invest . That's exactly what we do. We lead rather than follow and we blaze a trail in the very latest communication technologies and techniques. 

It's why we're renowned and recognised as one of the leading qualified appointment setters across the world and we're chosen by companies who are looking for more than just appointment setting.

So, if you're passionate about recieving quality as standard and want a partner who will help transform the quality of your appointment setting experience then we'd love to hear from you!

Qualified Appointments

Direct Hotkeys

Your QAS partner

Salesfix provide qualified appointments across multiple industries and sectors. We are the chosen partner of companies who specialise in SaaS, Fintec, Recruitment, Telematics, Telephony Solutions, Renewable Energy, Retail, Financial, Oil & Gas, Commercial Real Estate, Automotive and more!

So why are Salesfix the chosen partner for so many companies across multiple industries? We stand out due to our rigerous staff training & coaching,by providing live coaching, we are able to offer our clients quality & consistency. All of our agents have full 24/7 support from their own dedicated trainer who listens and guides through all calls. 

We have also invested in the very best technology, allowing our staff to listen & whisper into any live call. This is how we are able to guide our staff and offer our customers absolute quality.

All of our appointments are pre qualified against your bespoke qualification. The Salesfix structure is 100% tailored to your business. We then implement our proven strategy to provide the very best quality and consistency in the market.




Need help generating

new business?

We have an indepth process to building the perfect campaign with you. As a team we sit down with you and go through all the fundematals we need to over achieve on the number of appointments were generating for your sales team.

Our campaign management allows us to continously improve the campaign and avoid any stumbling blocks. We decide with you whether your business would benefit from appointment set up or direct hotkeys to your sales team as well as building the infrastructure we need to make our campaign flow smoothly without the hiccups.