Business Data

Responsive and targeted data profiling

There are around 2 million VAT registered businesses based around the UK, over 3 million operations in total.

We work alongside all of the leading UK business database owners, enabling us to offer you access to over 6 million contacts within the 3 million businesses based in the UK. We can also provide international databases, with good coverage across all newsworthy and major businesses across all towns and cities around the world.

If you are looking to source a list of business decision-makers, based on pre-agreed criteria, we can help you achieve your goals.


Search criteria we offer on Business data lists & B2B data includes:

  • Contact type – Telephone, E-mail, Postal, Mobile

  • Geography – Country, County, Town, Postcode, Driving distance from a fixed point

  • Company type – Industry/Vertical, SIC code

  • Company size – Turnover, company or site employees

  • Job title / buying responsibility

  • Specific Information – number of cars/vans in fleet, number of computers, number of mobile handsets, number of sites, new companies etc. Others on request.

Consumer Data