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3 Mistakes You're Making When Selling!

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

In case you don’t know me, for 7 years I have worked with companies in the UK and abroad to teach sales & convert cold calls. There are 3 basic ways of doing this;

1.) Have a plan ready before making calls, know how to take the prospect through the sale.

2.) Build a prospecting list long enough.

3.) Dedicate enough time to actually complete the calls.

I have worked with hundreds of cold callers and sales specialists in all industries such as, manufacturing, Energy, Windows & Doors, Retail, digital marketing, banking and so on. I have worked with companies that have sold tangible products as well as online products & services. Companies of all sizes come to Salesfix looking for ways to effectively sell over the phone to prospects.

One of the first things I do is ask the executives, “Why do you think your cold calling isn’t as effective as it should be?” I almost hear the same responses:

1.) They don’t want to hear my pitch

2.) I can't get past the gatekeeper

3.) My sales team are lazy

It’s not long before I hear management telling the sales team “we are going to make some changes to the sales process”. This happens often in most businesses as they have not yet found an effective plan which brings consistent results. I must tell you I find this very difficult to believe that continuously changing the process will help the sales team generate effective results when cold calling.

But really? You are just going to believe that changing your script will generate you better results.

The companies, executives and owners I work with tell me, “I don’t have enough time to make 100 calls a day, we have admin and need to update the CRM” So, let’s start by agreeing to some basics. Answer these questions and write down the responses for you, your team, or your company.

1. Are you missing sales or appointments?

2. Can you or your team learn one new thing to result in one extra sale?

3. Do you want to be more effective when cold calling?

4. Are you willing to do what’s necessary to be effective in cold calling?

If you said yes to any of those 4 questions, I can help you because making excuses to why you’re not effective won’t give you the results you’re looking for & won’t make any money.

One observation before I share with you how to become an effective cold caller. I have observed that all successful cold callers do two very interesting things:

1. They have a road map to closing the sale.

2. They don’t procrastinate or undertake task that effect there calls.

So what road map are cold callers using?

Well… Effective cold callers use a road map to handle objections before they ask for the sale, imagine a corridor with open doors either side, in each room is an objection or excuse. From the moment they open the call they begin walking down the corridor closing the doors within the conversation.

The second thing is to stop doing tasks within key calling times, the key calling times are between 10am – 3pm for businesses. If your responding to emails or looking at LinkedIn within this time you won’t see the results you’re looking for. Whether you are one salesperson interested in becoming an effective salesperson or you have 1000 salespeople, the first thing you want to do is to stop adding sins to your sales. So that you are clear, the first thing to do is not to add skills to your sales team but to remove mistakes. Just by doing this I can increase your effectiveness by at least 30%.

1.Are you calling enough people?

Now, before you say it’s not about how many calls you make, it’s about how effective you are in a call, yes you do need to be effective but you also have to make a certain amount of calls to be a good cold caller as you will see a lot more rejections than any other call.

Before you get bored thinking this eBook is all about call rates, consider this. If you’re only making 30 calls a day to prospects, that’s a total of 150 calls a week, depending on your industry you’ll be looking at closing around 5 - 10. Imagine calling 100 calls a day, that’s 500 calls a week and closing 50 - 60!

By improving your calls in key calling times, you can improve your sales by 40%. How about this, my sales experts at Salesfix can provide 65% more conversions than most companies by simply making more calls, start dialing.

2. Do you know everything about your product/service?

In order to sell you services & products, you need to know everything there is to know in order to handle objections, you also need be aware of all the objections you are going to get and how to face them.

If you can’t answer a question on your product/service confidently how to you expect someone to buy it off you?

Once you know the objections you can begin to walk the corridor, start shutting those doors, handle every objection. Once you feel like you’ve handled most of the objections the prospect can come up with, ask for their business. If they say no, go back find the objection, handle it and ask for their business again. If you’ve not asked for the business at least 3 times, you’ve not done your job.

Be ruthless, believe 100% in your product, you are solving a problem that they are looking for.

3.Lack of proper follow-up

This is no surprise to most and has been a problem in selling for years. Most sales companies simply are not following up and this includes the largest, most successful companies in the UK. If you do what your competitors don’t do or not willing to do, you will make more sales!


• 70% of companies don’t nurture leads

• 48% of sales people don’t follow up

• The average salesperson never makes more than one follow up call

• 80% of sales are made between 4 – 8 calls to on prospect

• You have a 10 x better chance of closing a sale if you follow up the same day

• The company, that calls the prospect first has a 248% better chance of closing

So why aren’t you following up? Because you’ve called them already today, you don’t want to mither, because you don’t know what to say after 3 calls. There are more ways to follow up, email them the information while you’re on the phone, “Bob, I’ve emailed something you need to see, look how we can improve your sales by 75% this month! I’ll follow up with you in 20 minutes to get this started for you”, easy right?

I believe any salesperson or company can increase their cold calling ability and become effective with these easy and simple steps.

Are you ready to start becoming an effective cold caller? Start using the steps mentioned and start seeing better results, leave linkedin for the hours when you’re not calling as well as email unless your sending information on the phone.

Companies pay me as much as £25,000 to customise their sales process and training. They spend as much as £100,000 updating leads, sales staff and new programmes to enhance their results.

Whether your business wants more sales, appointments or prospects, scripts, presentations skills or training programmes, you can find it all at

You can also get a FREE Quote:

Your situation won’t improve until you do, you will not increase your income without using these simple techniques to create a solid base to cold calling. You will continue to miss opportunities with customers every day.

If you are ready to become a master in cold calling rather than another average salesperson, continue to learn, read ebooks, blogs, sales videos. The more you understand and learn the better you will be.

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