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Four Reasons To Outsource Your Sales

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

Telesales is one of the oldest and most effective ways of reaching your customers - it’s stood the test of time and evolved with technology. What was once cliche cold calls is now vibrant professionals who understand your customers needs and how to meet them. The service has evolved from a guessing game to proven sales techniques that entice your prospects to buy your products.

So how important is telesales in your company right now?

Do you have a fully dedicated team taking care of generating interesting new leads? If it’s something you’ve left to the side in recent times, then outsourcing your sales may be the best direction for your company to go.

Here’s our FOUR reasons to outsource your telesales


Professional outbound telesales can look expensive in the initial outlay - but when you look at the full figures of in-house, it’s often more cost effective to outsource.

Salesfix has adapted and improved charging models when it comes to outbound telesales. We create a bespoke package based on your current cost for an in-house sales team so you’re saving money from day one.

When it comes to comparing in-house to outsourced, you need to consider costs like training, bonus & equipment costs. By outsourcing to our experts you get a risk free way of increasing your sales. You don’t pay for any extra overheads - just a flat rate fee!


The most important reason for any telesales campaign is generating new business, finding new revenue flows for your company and generating a steady return on investment that makes it plausible to have long term outsourced telesales.

Salesfix puts planning at the heart of everything we do - that means mapping out your targets and ROI from the outset. We will establish your conversion rate all the way across the customer cycle, taking them from prospect to customer. If you want to know more about how we do this - fill out our *contact form* here. *link to contact form*


With everything else that happens within the office day to day, it can be difficult for your in-house team to produce regular, detailed reports on every part of the conversion funnel.

Salesfix gives you clear updates every step of the way to make sure you’re aware of how your money is being spent, who we’re targeting and ultimately what your expected return is with both leads and sales. By having one in-house telesales agent, you may miss out on vital information. Whereas we are able to dedicate an entire team to spotting new opportunities based on research, and feedback potential industries for you to target.


Hiring an untested prospect for telesales can be a risk - especially if you have nobody else handling the workload. Anyone who has been in a sales role has had to use the phone at some point, however it’s about finding the candidate who wants to utilise the phone to maximise opportunities for your business.

A ready-made agency like Salesfix does exactly that - combining the experience of our team with all these other aspects in order to give you a complete package service.

You need to weigh all these up before you decide whether in-house or outsourced telesales is right for you, if you want to know more give our experts a call on: 0161 393 4520.

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