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Is Social Media Advertising Right For Your Business?

As the demand for businesses to have an online presence gets bigger, so does the pressure to stay ahead of your competitors and in front of your audience.

There are many ways to do this organically like blogs, competitions and videos that show off your business, the list is endless. The best part about organic posts is they are free, and if your post resonates with your audience - you’ve grown your brand for virtually no cost. But how effectively can you increase business if you pay to boost those posts?

Let’s take a look at the different benefits each platform can offer.

Facebook Advertising

Despite the large user bases on platforms such as Tik Tok and Twitter, Facebook still boasts the largest number of users on any social platform (2.67 billion). Facebook seems to have the most information on their users, even stretching as far as household income. This gives advertisers the opportunity to fine-tune their audience more than most other platforms, but Facebook shouldn’t be your only port of call if you venture into social advertising.

Success on Facebook comes down to what service your business offers - a B2B campaign will still find some success here, however Facebook users tend to be looking at posts from their family and friends, and may overlook it if they’re not in work mode. You can still promote brand awareness here - however lead generation is better suited for eCommerce on this platform. So how do we generate leads for B2B campaigns?

LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn’s professional approach allows you to reach key decision makers by targeting through aspects such as roles, time in organisation & seniority, meaning you can really tune your audience to generate interest from specific departments of a business. No other platform allows you to target users depending on whether they are CEO, or head of a department meaning the opportunity is unique.

However it’s undeniably more expensive - and just like any paid advertising campaign that comes with risk, however the ROI is potentially more reliable if you are a B2B company than it may be on something like Snapchat.

The focus on your LinkedIn advertising should mainly be on producing great content - it sounds simple, but a CEO is more likely to engage with you if you aren’t throwing cold sales techniques at them. Even if it’s the most professional platform - a human aspect and adding value to their timeline can really set you apart.

Instagram Advertising

Instagram is a large platform - but the emphasis is more on what you show, than it is what you say. That’s not to say your words aren’t important, but Instagram is very much a visual platform and thus advertisers here should be focusing on photos such as behind the scenes at your workplace, or videos highlighting whatever it is your business can offer to your audience. But is it worth boosting those posts to your audience?

Again, it depends on what you are aiming to generate - brand awareness, leads or followers? Your content will differ depending on the focus, generating leads may take the form of a post highlighting a certain product with a shop-tag, whereas increasing followers could look like a competition. It also depends on your audience, who are you trying to reach? Instagram has a wide range of communities, so you need to work out the section you are promoting to.

Facebook and Instagram advertising are now one and the same due to their partnership - meaning you can customise your audience and their location, a small business attracting customers may find success with a local ad and larger companies can re-target any customers they may have lost through the sales funnel during the following days after they first see the ad.

A Few Things To Consider

  • Audience: who are you trying to reach? Where are they? Is it business or personal?

  • Budget: how much short term / long term do you plan to invest?

  • Service: is the service you are promoting likely to generate leads through these adverts?

You may have been doing social media advertising for some time, or may only just be starting to consider it - if you’d like to chat with one of our experts about Social Media Advertising then you can get in touch here or ring us on 0161 393 4520.

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