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What Is A Virtual Receptionist?

A virtual receptionist acts on behalf of your business in order to take calls from both prospects and customers - the agent gives the impression that they are an employee of your business, for a seamless customer experience for your clients.

“Your designated agent is a real person who acts as an extension of your team, capturing your calls and relaying key information back to you immediately.”

Why is it worth it?

There are a few things that seperate call centre agents from a virtual receptionist - the main one being the personal feel that a VR can bring to your business. When call centres receive a call for your business - it will be redirected to any possible agent who may not have a complete understanding of your business. Salesfix gives you a dedicated agent who knows your model inside out and how best to interact with your clients, whether they are prospective or repeat custom.

If your personal agent is on with another of your customers, we have that covered too. Your call will be re-routed to someone with just as good an understanding of your business as we know our main focus should be on efficiency without compromising on quality.

The benefit?

The impact of a virtual receptionist will be felt most by the factor that makes your business tick: your customers. All businesses should be invested in providing excellent customer service to ensure customers remember just how well you treated them - if you’re occupied with something else in your businesses day to day running, then a customer calling up may have to listen to the endless ringing. With a virtual receptionist, this won’t be the case. Our VR service will promptly handle the call to ensure you don’t miss any opportunities, and can grow your business from multiple angles.

Some more key points are the cost and flexibility - it’s a fraction of the regular cost when hiring an in-house receptionist. You can also select the hours you want your VR service to run - meaning you can have it at peak hours, or outside office hours in order to handle the flow of enquiries you should expect whilst you focus on the day to day life of your business. A Virtual Receptionist is there for your customers when you’re unable to be - and they will appreciate that so much more than a callback.

Send us an enquiry today to find out if a Virtual Receptionist is right for your business - call us on 0161 393 4520 or e-mail us at

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