Telephone Support

Our Telephone Support operation is designed to handle all your inbound enquiries on your behalf. Our project managers will either design you a bespoke high profile telephone manner or we can replicate the image you have created. Our telephone specialists have a vast amount of experience in customer service and virtual reception. We can handle all types of requests here at Salesfix.

Our software allows us to handle more complicated calls that most contact centres would aviod. Our specialists recieve live training & support while handling your calls to up keep your company image. Our project managers will work closely with you to build your process and arrange an introductory training session for our specialists to learn your systems and operating proceedures. 

Salesfix are known for helping companies with their customer service and sales. You may have spoken to us before through multiple leading brands without even realising! We work closely with our partners to best create and maintain excellent customer care as well as keeping the brand image and expectations.